Monday, 19 January 2009

The Ferret

With fiery feet a ferret rides
Through murky subways in your mind;
Upon a lemon-liquid plane
And past the misty quantum vein.
It’s colourless but shiny red;
It’s odourless yet smells of bread.
Unbreakable but you can bend it -
The strawberry-coloured milky-ferret.

On searing planes of mustard ice
Or crunchy clouds in paradise.
By babbling boglets ‘pon the heath
Or cosmic contours, resting ‘neath.
It’s seen the word and heard the light;
It’s tasted moonbeams, touched the night.
So on-the-ball it doesn’t get it -
The strawberry-coloured milky-ferret.

You’ll seek it in the glacial fog
But only find a cat-like dog.
You’ll hunt for it in lofty depths
And see a wolf-like lioness.
To reproduce and multiply
It takes the form of platypii.
So down-to-earth it’s esoteric -
The strawberry-coloured milky-ferret.

The ferret digs with lazy zeal
And burrows like a sonic seal.
It builds a tree within your heart
To keep the earth and sky apart.
It makes you smell the future days;
It coats your past with honey glaze.
Distorting life so you can bear it -
The strawberry-coloured milky-ferret.

With gloating eyes it now resides
In glitt’ring grottos in your mind;
Upon a solid-gaseous plane
Beyond the misty quantum vein.
Now colourless - once vibrant blue;
Now odourless - once honeydew.
Eroding life to be poetic -
The strawberry-coloured milky-ferret.

1 comment:

  1. wow - it is all a matter of a point of view, isn't it :)
    Very metaphoric!!