Tuesday, 10 February 2009


A relative oldie and, perhaps, a newie for some of us. These Germans knew how to rock, there's no doubt about it, but can you tell me what figure from literature/film they're singing about? Bonus points for the book name and uber points for the name of the author.


  1. I like the song, but have no idea what they are saying! :)
    no bonus points for me then... WAH!

  2. They are singing in praise of David Hasselhoff

  3. Lol, nice one Nige. As a little clue, the words 'horror show' and 'droog' appear in the song.

  4. ah well then its clockwork orange- read that a few months back :)

  5. David Hasselhoff lol
    He is well liked in Germany, I understand. hm
    Clockwork Orange? or um? Being very strict about rules and following the rules and living by the rules and loving the rules or being sent to re-education camps for conforming to rules?
    (I'm so joking, I love some German people, very nice)

  6. I like some German people too Lizzie, although, like you I suspect, I just don't like a particular group of Germans who were active between 1933-1945.