Sunday, 1 February 2009

Where it all started

Many of us are familiar with modern dance music. You can hear it on the T.V. , radio or just from someone's mp3 player on the train. Mobile phones have ringtones of popular dance hits and boy-racers have dance music thundering out of their cars, perhaps to compensate for a lack of something in a particular department. Needless to say, most teenie-boppers dream of 'going clubbing'.

There's a whole host of sub-genres, enough to make your head spin: trance, house, techno, french house, eurodance, jungle, gabba etc. Sadly though, it seems many of the 'artists' in this field have forgotten that it's not all about making a lucrative hit-single. A thumping beat accompanied with a female voclist singing over it does not constitute a good track; as a friend pointed out to me recently, "If it's not authentic, it's not art". Very true, and to illustrate the point here's a song from the 80's, the womb of dance music.


  1. This was a very catchy tune. Hard not to sing along and it's one that stays in the head for a whole day! :)

  2. Absolutely, to the point where some people are convinced the song is called 'Runaway' :)